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Here is a review from the Weeklymusician.com

For those of you that have asked, I am going to write this review today (Saturday) rather than the usual practice of waiting till Monday. This weekend's band at the 4th Street is Blue Steel, from the Twin Cities area, and they sound just like their name. If you remember my first review of The Busters, I said that occasionally this job becomes real fun..you get a chance to hear and meet some great musicians. This weekend was one of those times. Blue Steel is a group of well traveled and practiced musicians that know what they are doing and do it with a vengeance. Straight ahead three piece blues and rock..played by a tight band that  loves every minute of it, and played loud..the way it needs to be. No coffeehouse music here..this is the real thing. The light crowd (pretty usual for the 4th Street these days) loved the band..pool players were even dancing around the tables and playing air guitar with their cues. I knew the evening was going to be fun when the 4th song of the first set was LaGrange by ZZ Top..letter perfect. If you read this Saturday, get out this evening and see them..if you don't read it till Monday, keep this name in your mind..you'll have a good time. (one of these guys have a cabin up here, so they may be back)